Riveting: Cindy Anthony testifies 4 prosecution (live blog)

HLN (TV channel)

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Cindy Anthony has just testified that she eventually created a MySpace page so that Cindy could vent about not seeing her granddaughter for weeks.  Cindy surprised Casey at her job and guess what? She’s not there! Casey calls and said hey, I’m in Jacksonville Florida, where else? Never heard so many lies in my life.

Since Cindy is a mature citizen she had no IDEA that myspace meant “everybody in the world can read space” she thought that she was having a privy chat with her daughter and was sending a message to her daughter about her angst over the missing child.  When someone realized it was uber public it was removed.  Casey did read the posts and blog in question evidenced by a response to it.  But that did not deter her from lying to her mom about a dead daughter. 

Then there is the breakin at the dad’s shed.  Casey was seen there that day and feigned no knowledge of the event because she did it? They are going chronologically and have not gotten to Cindy’s 911 call to police which was about a month after she no see Casey.  White people do some strange convoluted crimes.

Cindy, Casey’s mom, recounts the weeks that Caylee went missing. When she talked about Casey getting Caylee out of the pool, for the last time, they sat together and watched the video that Cindy made with her video camera.  For some reason mom and Grandma started crying.  Caylee was puzzled why they were crying.  It was stated that in no way could the baby, Caylee, reach the pool on her own.  It’s the law that a child cannot reach a pool accidently.  There must be a fence or security about the pool.  Casey has a drowning defense and nothing she has said holds water.

There was a ladder that was removed when the baby was done swimming.

Bottom line:  Casey is a pathological liar. HLN is broadcasting the live testimony today. During the break Natasha breaks in with analysis. Casy claims that she worked for Disney and would wear a lanyard with ID that would often change.  She was lying about working for them.  There is the biiiig lie about Zanny the freakin nanny who never existed and her family and friends. 

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