Pawlenty to Christiane: “Any dufus can go to Washington”

Official photo of Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN).

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“Why does Ron Paul have such a dufus look on his face? I no like him. But I think I like Pawlenty.”  Heloise wrote that comment  @BC 05/06/11 10:01 am on Dave Nalle‘s (political editor of BC) liveblog of the GOP debate, which I did not watch. So for those of you who think that blogcritics and Heloise are unread and unwashed bloggers–you wrong.
Here’s what I wrote then:  Why does Ron Paul have such a dufus look on his face? I no like him. But I think I like Pawlenty.  And today Tim to Christiane said “Any dufus can go to Washington.”
I knew I said dufus or doofus, (they are both accepted spellings) which is a colloquial term that means “stupid person” but I did not realize I said I did like Pawlenty.  Who would I pair him up with? Maybe Perry or Romney.
I want to know “who the hell you calling dufus?”
But I question that Pawlenty was speaking of Obama in that statement.  I think he was speaking of those who have put or planning to put their hats in the ring.  That would be only GOP folks as the Dems have Obama. So maybe he was talking about Obama.  But Obama is anything but a doofus or dufus IMO.  He has way too much charisma to be called or fit the mold of a stupid person.  I mean no dufus can raise a billion dollars from supporters.  So who  the hell was Tim calling dufus? 
I think two white men is a tried and true formula.  One that works even though many aspire to put a woman on the ticket.  They act as weight on the other contenders (my word) for candidates this year. 

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