Reel Short Takes: “Inside Job”

Henry Paulson responds to President George W. ...
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Ronald Reagan: “The magic of the Market Place.”  What a bunch of lies from every president since Jack left office that led to the inside job to end all inside jobs.

It took forever to get Inside Job from Netflix so I watched it twice.  It will make you so damn mad, that is unless you profited from the biggest heist, ponzi scheme, inside job of the century and got away scot free.  Who the fux went to jail? Seems like no one since the evil men at Enron.  Watching that too this weekend.  What’s the point of having a billion dollars?

More and more it’s the poor that get dumped on.  But it’s not just the poor this film is about how a whole new class of middle class poor was made when Henry Paulson, little Timmy Giethner, Big Ben Bernanke, the IMF, Wall Street moghuls, the Federal reserve, the Jews who run the Federal reserve and everyone in between rob the whole world in plain sight. 

It’s will really make you mad. And who was to blame: every president post- JFK was to blame for the takedown of the world’s middle and poor classes. Jack’s financial background made him the last of the solid for gold backing the Feds ever.  It is no wonder they did not want him to have a second term they wanted to ruin the country and could never do it under JFK’s watch. I know that he has been called soft on race relations but what’s ironic is that after many of the chinks in the armour of white supremacy were ironed out the rethugs and the damn dems realized that the country was now ripe for the picking.  They went after and hid behind allowing less well-off folks to get a big piece of the American dream.  In one speech W made it clear that now it was time for blacks and browns to get a piece of the nice home action.  Who knew that it was only so that the white men could raid Fort Knox?

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