Weinergate—trick or tweet? (In case you missed it) updated

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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/01/jon-stewart-reacts-to-ant_n_869581.html Jon Stewart’s dirty take on his old roomate’s distinguised member of congress.

Folks the “battle of the bulge” has not been won yet.  My take: I think it’s Weiner’s weiner and body in the tweet, that’s clear so far.  What’s not clear is how it got out of Weiner’s control.  Is hacking a crime? If so then media are asking the question why did you not report it?

What’s not clear is why Weiner won’t come clean about how it got out of his control because clearly it’s he in his gray boxer shorts and engorged phallus.  That is not a crime and I don’t think he needs to resign or anything.  It’s unseemly to be caught in such an unneeded summer scandal.  The magical media tour is not helping the member of congress either.  He should shut up or tell the truth.

Ooh this is juicy Jewish gossip where one Jewish rep Cong. Weiner and his own twitter account have gotten out of hand. Another Jew who was following Weiner or his tweets and then Andrew Breitbart who broke the story that was retweeted to him.  He did not hack or find the tweet but he did break or publish it on his website Big Breitbart or big something.

It was late Friday night when a Twitter user named “Patriotusa76” retweeted a message from Weiner’s official account that seemed to link to a picture of a man’s underwear with an erection. The tweet from Weiner’s account was directed to the student. Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site quickly jumped in, with Breitbart himself taking to Twitter to demand that Weiner either confirm or deny that he’d sent the photo himself. “We have much more,” Breitbart wrote.

Weiner, who has since retained a lawyer, says his account was hacked. He tweeted on Saturday that his Facebook page had been hacked too. The student to whom the image was supposedly sent issued a detailed statement to the New York Daily News, denying that she’s ever met or had any involvement with Weiner. “There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself,” she wrote, “including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me.” source: war room at Salon the first link below.

Anyway the question is was this a hack job or was it a prank by facebook and twitter.  Breitbart thinks a full investigation should be made.  The woman who received it was a young black girl.  The dirt goes that Congressman Weiner is supposed to be into really, really young gals. 

I missed it maybe you did. 


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