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Rude court gesture w/ Middle finger = 6 days in jail + 600 fine

Rude gesture by a white male in court directed to a tty Ashton got this guy the handcuffs and a big fine. Judge lectured him and sentenced him to 6 days in jail.

The defense rests Casey did not testify

Mark Halperin to Obama: you were a dick yesterday

Okay. Then MSNBC who drinks obama dirty bath water react immediately and suspends halperin. He is co author of game changers which made a shit load of money and is being made into a movie. I tried to read the book but it was really Jewish lib crap.

I rarely watch Joe because it is so boring.

Krystal Holloway takes stand George mistress

Let’s see what she got to say. I think she Mexican k

A greedy girl who sold her sordid story for 4K to the national enquirer because they would tell the story the whole story.

The whole interview is not online you have to buy the paper.

Son of Kronk impeaches dad testimony

Brandon Sparks son of Roy Kronk (Jewish) has testified his dad called him in November to say he found remains or a skull and was gonna be famous. Roy did not say who he found but then when Roy made the 911 call in December he had changed his story about the skull once saying it rolled out the back once saying that he poked a stick in the orbital of the skull.

This would impeach his testimony and changes everything if he did this prior to that 911 call.

The other big news is that George Anthony tried to commit suicide with pills and beer!

George back on the stand

He is talking smell of decomp and why he recognized the smell. He said he walked the fence near woods where caylee was found.

Casey court cut short today

Judge called it quits today for legal matter discussions. The corrections officer was last new witness today. Also the super of meter readers testified about Ray kronk and how he did not read any meters as he stated. But went into the woods to use it found the skull and a dead rattler. He called work off for the day and did not read any meters. He also touted he was about to be famous.

Defense big day

Catch it here or there but today was a day of surprise and big for the defense

Cindy Anthony send in the psychic

It looks like Lee contradicted his mom’s testimony that she never sent the PIs into the woods. It sounds like something a woman would do seek out a psychic.

Cindy got the psychic and the private investigators to go out and look there. Ray kronk is also looking like a liar and maybe did plant the body of cayll in the woods.

Hot Seat George Anthony

George Anthony denied in court that he had an affair with a cute young volunteer searcher. The woman he said was sick or something and he wanted to show his respect by visiting her at her home many times without his wife and called her a whole lot. It was an affair dude it don’t have to just be sexual. It was emotional at the least and sexual at most.