Born Bullies? (Mexicans bully a white guy youtube)

Mexicans bully a white guy. It’s kinda long but you can watch a minute and get the idea of what they did to this guy.  Dragging him by hands and feet all around.  When at a conference a white woman who went to public school in the south with mostly Mexicans told me that she was horribly bullied by them when she was in elementary school.  Whites are an easy target for Mexicans to bully because they are really gentile by nature.  I found this because I see lots of bully behavior by grown Mexican women toward whites, and toward blacks.  They also never STF up when around other people.  I’ve seen one do all the talking in a crowded room. 

This year is the first time that I felt it necessary to report bully behavior to authorities.  Will follow up if nothing happens.


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