Take out the trash honey (baby in the trunk = smoking gun)

A Degree of Murder

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Here’s my first take on what’s going on today.  Again it is fascinating to learn about bugs or entymology. In this case the “trash” is the body of a baby.  For the Casey Anthony case and trial which continues even on Saturday, today, the prosecution continues to make its case for the body of Caylee Anthony had been in the trunk of the white spitfire Pontiac which Casey drove. 

Neal Haskell is the bug expert testifying today and the defense brings out that this guy is paid for his testimony @ $400/hour and that does not include travel so about 23K for this job alone.

There are coffin flies and there are house flies.  The coffin flies need unprocessed or raw meat to attract them, no brainer.  They will come when there is a dead body or raw meat.  They are more tenacious than houseflies and get into their target no matter what.  This is what happened in the case of Casey those flies found their way onto the dead baby body that I think Casey put there.

Smoking Gun: if the prosecution can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the body of Caylee spent time in the trunk, and since body was not found in trunk, moved to its found location in the woods only less than a mile from the Anthony home we find Casey guilty of murder of Caylee.  Casey needed time to think and do. 

She (allegedly) killed her child with duct tape first chloroforming her asleep, duct tape goes around the face to ensure no breathing, she gets put into a bag, there is also a laundry bag there with some of the child’s items to make it look like she went away with some things.  This is almost the way that Egyptians buried their dead with coffin goods. Way to go girl.  If the prosecution can prove that

1) the body spent time in the trunk

2) was moved by person or persons

3) dumped in a second burial location

4) left in plain hiding view in the woods near the Anthony home

It means that a person premeditated the murder, planned where the body would or could go initially, spent time rewrapping the body, threw the body out into the woods like trash because it was stinking up the car and no other option presented itself…we got the smoking gun folks.  I think the jury can then bring in a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree which in Florida is a capital crime.  This is not auto death row but can lead to it. That would be the punishment phase. Will this judge sentence Casey to death if found guilty of 1st degree murder? Or will it be another judge? 

More later


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