The Tony Awards

The Book of Mormon. Another Testament of Jesus...

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The Book of Mormon is nominated for a long  list of categories and just won for best direction. The Mormons go to blackest Africato save the savages with the moron book I mean Mormon book.

It’s some crazy shit. I mean I don’t usually wax ugly on other religions but when they came by my house with their book and started talking I told them they were some kind of satanic religion (and there are many) and never to dark in my door again. And they didn’t

Link that clarifies the Jewish tribal migration belief of the Mormons:

The Book of Mormon

is the story of two groups of people that supposedly traveled by sea from Bible

lands to the Americas. One group, the Jaredites (dated at about 2500 B.C.), populated Central America but eventually was destroyed. The other group, Jewish descendants of the tribe of Manasseh (with whom most of the Book of Mormon deals), came to South America about 600 B.C. and eventually migrated into Central and North America. This latter group was divided into two nations, the Nephites and Lamanites. Jesus is supposed to have revealed Himself on the American continent, where He preached the gospel and established Christianity. After becoming enemies, in A.D. 385 the Lamanites destroyed the Nephites, who

were “cursed” with dark skin and became the ancestors of American Indians.

The Tony Awards:

who won for best Actress? The best performance in musical: Nikki m James won for the book of mormon. Wow she gave a LOOONG acceptance speech. But it was sweet and long and heartfelt. 


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