Casey Anthony Prosecution–wrapping up with DNA

Cross section of a hair

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Today’s expert DNA witness testified that the hair found in the trunk of Casey’s car using mitochondrial DNA,  (traced only through the mother’s line) not nuclear because the sample was too small (one hair), that Casey, Caylee and Cindy Anthony could not be excluded as the donor of that hair.

The defense could get the case in the next couple of day.  The prosecution is wrapping up the duct tape evidence.

Then she went down the percentage list of what racial populations could be excluded.  Mitochondrial DNA is less accurate than nuclear but it is also good enough to exclude like 90% of the population.  The hair was also shown to be from someone who as deceased so that means out of the three women only Caylee was deceased.  The prosecution seeks to put the hair of Caylee into the trunk of Casey. 

Now the heart shaped stickers found in Casey’s bedroom, an outline of a heart was found on the duct tape, duct tape on followed by heart-shaped sticker.  Follow the duct tape has been the meme that could lead to the guilty findings of Casey by the juror.  The stickers could convict.  If the sticker fits, you must find guilty.  If the duct tape is placed in anyone else’s hand but Casey then you must acquit.

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