I like Michelle Bachmann

Michele Bachmann Official Photo circa 2007

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http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/89944/new-hampshire-debate-michele-bachmann We need a woman in the fray to keep the men honest.  She’s a real contender in my book.  I mean she makes Sarah look silly but why compare them? I like them both but Michelle is stronger let’s put it that way. Note that she has double letters in both her last name and her first name.  Something that Palin does not have.  I think it was said that most if not all POTUS had a double consonant in the last names…always.  She has two N’s like Kennedy did.

“The New Hampshire Debate: Michele Bachmann’s Surprisingly Mature Performance” from The New Republic:

“I introduced the repeal bill to repeal Dodd-Frank because it’s an over-the-top bill that will actually lead to more job loss.” In fact, when the Tea Party came up in a question, Bachmann immediately announced that she was the chairman of the Tea Party caucus on Capitol Hill. Still, Bachmann knew from her years as a cable TV green room regular how to command the headlines—she became the first White House dreamer in memory to declare their presidential candidacy in the middle of a debate.


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