Prosecution eats expert witness “pig in a blanket” lunch!

Florida State University in Tallahassee
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Jeff Ashton is the man.  He ate the expert’s lunch today.  Ashton reminded the court that there is no trunk that will smell after food rotting or otherwise has been removed and the car cleaned. But if a dead body had once been in there there is NO getting the smell out.  You would have to remove the rugs and repaint the interior.  Casey abandonded the car.  No freakin wonder.


Oh, boy the defense and its fricken expert bug witness got the clock cleaned and lunch eaten when the prosecution asked “did you ever wrap your pig (study) in a blanket?” Wow slam dunk…no backtracking on that.

The defense’s bug expert had only done an experiment with a pig decay in a trunk in Nebraska sans blanket, plastic bags or laundry bags and he sought to compare the two, perish the thought dude.  Ashton gets the expert to confirm the timeline of 2 or 3 days in the trunk before moving on to the trash grave.

Ashton asked if there were studies of how bugs alight and get into decomposition done on child or anyone in Florida with its heat and humdity. No such studies and that was that. This cross exam by Jeff Ashton was masterful clear and simple.  He ate his pig in a blanket lunch.


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