Casey Anthony trial also on Tru channel

Watched Lee Anthony today as he testified and cried about his estranged family.  Caylee is the combo of Casey and Lee that’s where her name came from.  No one has brought this up in court but I have noticed it from the get go.  I am sure that Casey and Lee were once close and both were crying real tears.

He said they shut him out of the pregnancy mom was not happy about the pregnancy but was over the top about the new baby Caylee when she came.  Lee kept saying that his parents were “over the top” that’s now how I meant it when I got the term into general usage.  It does not really apply to people per say but to an attitude or actions that are more zealous than normal or over the top.  But that’s the way he used it to describe that his parents were “very over the top” okay Lee we hear ya.

The biggest mystery so far is who the hell is Caylee’s father? Never seen such secrecy. 


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  1. michellefrommadison

    The only thing missing in the Caylee Anthony murder trial appears to be a murder. Clearly looks like a malicious-prosecution case from the prosecution. Hopefully the prosecution receives a penalty comparable to the death penalty since they are the only ones who committed crimes related to a person’s livability in this case.

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