Cindy Anthony impeached testimony

Cindy was at work when the chloroform searches on the home computer were done. She said she was at home, impeach, she was at work, she said she used a laptop for work, impeach, bosses said she could only use their program on a desktop at work.

Was Cindy trying to cover for Casey just as George planted the idea that the death was an accident. His testimony impeached as well.


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  1. michellefrommadison

    How many procedural-violations will the Judge allow the prosecution to do? The prosecution-team has already committed many violations and three of those violations are automatic-reversal on the appellate issues. Failure to corral the prosecution from continuing to violate the court orders needs to be immediately addressed, and why the prosecution no longer appears to seek justice for Caylee is abominable. Jail-time is in order for the prosecution-team.

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