Ashton no longer in Baez sight, Judge rules==WTF?

Exclaim personal attack

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Judge Perry is funny he misspoke a bit.  He said “if this don’t make a hill of a bean.”  I think that idiom goes “a hill of beans” judge.

But wow, double wow, Baez has made one personal attack on the prosecution after another.  But it does not wash with the judge.  It seems that he has removed Ashton from Baez’s line of sight. That’s not certitude. It may be that the attorneys decided that one.  They have been asked to review the videotape of their behavior.  No audible comments, no gestures, no facial looks that might signal disproval.  I wish this were true of teachers who can act a fool if they so please.  That won’t wash in a case of law or a court of law.

 Wow, never heard of that before have you? Judge Perry looked at the video and said that both, get this both of the attorneys have violated his orders not to clown, not to call anyone out, and not to act up.  Both did both.  Okay.


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