Casey Closing gets hot, Baez personal attacks on Ashton, Judge calls recess/sidebar

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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It’s common sense and one of the rules by the judge that there should not be any personal attacks on either case and no facial gestures by either attorney.  Baez said “this smiling guy” meaning Ashton that crosses the line. 

So far Baez is using George Anthony as the whipping boy and trying to tie him and him alone to the duct tape.  He might have bought the tape but it is not a fantasy that Casey had access to the duct tape and to the computer.  Where did she kill, allegedly, Caylee? I think she might have killed her in the car.  Hell, she could have left her in a hot car, child neglect.

We did not hear enough about Casey cooking up chloroform.  It could be the smoking gun but no one is going after that.  As for the 84 searches for chloroform Baez thinks that he has knocked that out of the case.  He called it a “joke” and there were lots of objections by the prosecution that were sustained by this judge.


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