Jose Baez closing contempt of court charge?

Baez comments are over the top when he said “that smiling guy there” the judge jumped up and shouted: sustained, approach the bench.

He is the lead defense lawyer. He is unprepared and uninteresting. The car, the imaginary friends, the motive, the slut, the child abuse. How could she abuse a child who was under constant observation until she was no more.

Okay I’ve had a chance to listen to more closing arguments from defense aka Jose Baez: he has no timeline, he is getting lost in a labyrinth of arguments, engaging in ad hominen attacks on Jeff Ashton.  When he said “that smiling guy there” the judge jumps up and calls a sidebar.  Yes, there is acrimony between the judge and Baez I’ve noted.  Baez made the judge mad no doubt and there could be a contempt of court in this closing case.  It’s getting hot in there folks.

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