Reel short take: Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen is one self-loving Jew. So much so that when he is too damn old and ugly to star in his own movies he ain’t too old to get magic money from Hollywood hounds to make a film shot in Paris.

The music was terrible the story an homage to rebirth IMO. That part I liked. The conceit: get an actor who looks just like Allen make him a mime, exact mannerisms and voice of the producer and voilà you have that ugly Jew starring in his own movie without having to lift a hair brush or get out his pajamas. What a gambit, what a conceit what a good movie that is best watched sans, that is, without the freaking soundtrack!

Wow. Heloise has never suggested watching a film before without the soundtrack. But whoops there it is a beautiful to watch film with lots of local artistic parisian color found in 1920 s paris brought to life. While blacks can’t get films to theaters folks like this creep still can. I went to see if Paris had changed since my last visit. And to walk its streets virtually. I did that. And it was okay. I will watch again just no soundtrack please.

Watch it but don’t listen. The script the mime of Allen and the bad music ruin it for me.


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