My Verdict Prediction: Guilty in the First Degree of Murder


WTF again.  The verdict is in and they have rendered a NOT GUILTY TO ALL THE MAJOR CHARGES. WTF.  I can’t believe it.  I know OJ did it but damn I think she did it too.  I think the jury was lazy as hell.  They rarely took notes and the expert witnesses were a waste obviously. 

What are the charges against Casey Anthony?

Casey is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, sometime in June or July 2008. The official charges against her are:

  • First-degree murder (guilty–my verdict prediction, first degree premeditated or not–death or 30 years)
  • Aggravated child abuse (second-degree felony)
  • Aggravated manslaughter of a child (reckless behavior and an accident)
  • 4 counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer:
    • That she worked at Universal Orlando in 2008, (guilty, my prediction)
    • That she left Caylee with a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, (guilty, my prediction)
    • That she told Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewis that Caylee was missing, (guilty, my prediction)
    • That she received a phone call from Caylee on July 15, 2008. (guilty my prediction)

You can view the entire case timeline here.


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  1. Babe, my two cents worth. lol…. Having been married 10 yrs to a Dade County attorney in Miami made me a kind of Law Hobbyist, Having twice, while following ex-wife trials, been up to the Orange County Court House in Orlando, now forever infamous for Casey. Being that I am a sucker for beautiful women like Casey and the night life scene she frequented, made me follow every minute of this trial and furthermore, its analysis from legal pundits, experts, and scholars. The night before, I told some friends that if I was facing the chair, accused of killing my kid but innocent, no one in the world could keep me from testifying in court. I told them that had I not killed my kid, I could have gotten invitations from the hottest, sluttiest, funnest of Babes to go out and party with, in those following days and weeks after, and I could not have done it because searching for my kid would have occupied every waking moment – of course, unless I was a cold and calculating mother fucker of a bastard – needless to say, I think she is that type of a human being and killed her Caylee. =====BUT====== that is just my emotions speaking out and in the “jury legal instructions”, given by the Judge, that will be the first thing he instructs them to put aside. The next instruction they get is that they have a duty to find the defendant “NG” if there is a reasonable doubt. Our legal system in this country works exactly how it was designed to work and has many layers. A prosecution has the burden to prove guilt but can’t have an eye witness testify if no one saw her killing, can’t enter her fingerprints as evidence on duct tape if the prints don’t exist, can’t enter a confession that does not exist, can’t enter DNA samples that don’t exist, or a hidden camera video showing Casey choking the life out of Caylee, if it doesn’t exist. This, like the OJ trial was completely circumstantial – the OJ case had more circumstantial evidense and still did not get him convicted. My friends, this was a crime, with a crime scene, that had very little evidence, so little as a matter of fact, that Caylees COD was never established forensically – I think the jury called it correctly PS…When I said it works exactly how it was designed to work, I meant that, we the people, rather than have a few innocents convicted, would rather have a few monsters get away with it. In this case, we may never really know the truth.

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