Justice is not blind it’s lazy!

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That’s my verdict on this jury.  They wanted to go home they had missed the fourth and the fries and just wanted to get out of there.  No real winning over.  The jury did not even take notes during the majority of the trial.  This is not a lesson in anything but laziness and simple minded shit.

I think the state of Florida wasted a whole bunch of money.  But if they had found her guilty of killing her child, but in this case we find the child killed herself and then dumped her own body in a swamp, we’ve all heard of such cases before; then the appeals would have been expensive and OMG not another trial that would have been expensive too.  So, the moral is media hyped kept this woman off death row because if a jury from Orlando had been there they would have found her guilty of killing this kid. 


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  1. michellefrommadison

    Baez said many times years ago that he plans to go after media, television, bloggers and sites for damages after the conclusion of this case, and I believe he will. He will be one of the riches people in the world soon, and many will fall to their demise as a result of their crimes against Casey Anthony and her defense team.

    Yippie! 🙂

  2. Baez is stupid. The media helped Casey get off Scott free OJ and MJ style. He should be kissing arses.

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