Jurors said they had to know the cause of death

One juror spoke today.  It does not have to be a death penalty case stupid.   My first impression: when I heard that it was murder one and death penalty I thought it was an overreach until I heard the case.  Then I could see murder one, but not the death penalty.  The jury did not have to impose death penalty and they should have known that.  I think the jury was split anyway but could have at least come up with manslaugher…come on.  So, it must be the prosecution’s fault. 

The logic exhibited here is really lazy as a case in point.  Why, because there are cases out there that were circumstantial that led to convictions.  We know there was little evidence on the bones which indicates that she died a quiet death in her sleep.  I think she was taking a nap when it happened.  Did she just walk out the door and into the pool because Casey was not home and then drowned? It would still be a case of child abuse/manslaughter. 

I hope Casey Anthony does not make money from her story.  I for one ain’t buying whatever lies she’s selling.  Are you?


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  1. Cause of death was not established. There is no official document from an ME that says Caylee died from drowning, Caylee died from from chloroform poisoning, Caylee died from from duct tape over her mouth and nose, Caylee died in her sleep, Caylee died from choking on a Pez candy. The people, the media, everyone needs to get a grip, use the laws of logic and nothing else. This was not even a murder trial as Cause of Death, was never even established. If, by all scientific methods, the fact that Caylee was murdered could not be established, you can’t jump from A to C and convict someone for murder when in fact, for all intents and purposes, Caylee was not murdered.

    • My first impression when I heard the charges was that they overreached and it seems they did because they did not pinpoint COD. Prosecution should have made manslaughter the highest charge and something might have stuck to this happy bitch.

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