Should trial by jury be abolished?

Jury Duty (film)

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Here’s a comment I wrote that addresses this question:


my daughter and I were talking about this on yesterday. She was called for jury duty, she is a PT with a clinical doctorate, and once I was called for jury duty for a murder trial. I have a master’s degree.

It turns out that I knew the twins who were on trial for capital one murder. They had been my students and were classified as SPEDs. The lawyers had me sworn in and asked me questions for at least two hours. And as a lawyer in my last life I love to talk and talked away. They hung on my every word and then did not pick me nor my daughter (recently) for jury duty.

She said her defendant was a doctor and thought that it would be in his best interest if people like her were selected for his jury. She was a peer. I told her that she didn’t get it. The defense picks the jury and some jurors are swatted down or jettisoned after some talk. I was one of them.

The defense “DUMBS down” the jury. There I said it. That’s your headline: the jury is not one of peers but ones that suit the defense and the outcome they want “not guilty!”

Sure lots of circumstantial cases get the death penalty, esp. if they are black, illegals, brown Mexicans, or white men who kill their white wife and unborn child (Scott Peterson). There you have it. A jury of your dumbest peers is what our legal system is all about. It is not about a fair trial by a jury but about who gets picked to sit on one.

Perhaps we should abolish juries as they have served their purpose because, drumroll they can be FIXED. Juries are as shady as the people who sit for trials. In the Casey case they were dumb as dull knives in a drawer full of sharp scissors (liars).

If I had been on this jury I would have pointed out that since the prosecution or the laws were at fault and there was no crime on the books for what that lying broad did to her dead three year old…would have gone for the lowest of the major defenses at least one felony on her record would be nice, regardless to whether it fit. Then everybody would have been happy because she would have gotten another ten years and there would have been no need for appeal or by appeal time she would be released for time served, another seven to ten years.

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