“A Stolen Life: A Memoir” Jaycee Dugard writes about her horrible ordeal

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A Stolen Life: A Memoir get it from Amazon.

Jaycee Lee Dugard's book about her years in hell is already #1 in books. What a bad break and where did such karma come from? Maybe there are clues in her book.

Here's my comment about her life:

I followed this story a bit and when she was found I wrote a blog about how she had been wronged by the law as well as this creep “Jaycee Dugard had a bad case of cops, caseworkers etc.” And I think someone picked up on it, as it was popular, and I understand she has sued the state of California for not following a convicted sex offender like her keeper, more closely. I was one of the first to say that Dr. Murphy was negligent (and lying) in the death of Michael Jackson and his family agreed…and so he has been found negligent in MJs death.

Anyway, I just wrote and asked what karma would Jaycee have that has found her in this life? Karma is the law of cause and effect, the balance of actions we have accumulated in eons of living, including lifetimes as an animal. Dharma is the law, as the buddhist’s call it. The whole spiritual law that includes karma.

As one reply said correctly there is no way to know what lifetime this comes back from. The same people who are advocating peace in this life were great war mongers in another. So, you can’t say you don’t see it. It’s not for you to see. The only person who can see the karma is the person himself and those closest to them such as astral and physical family, sometimes if you live in close proximity some karmic pasts can be seen. And yes, it is intentionally very, very complex and takes decades of meditation and some say vegetarianism to become an insider (this I have done) to unravel the individual strands that lead back to the source.

But this is why people who say they know about those with whom they have never had any contact, i.e., before they are experienced insiders, are just making it up.


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