Hasidic Brooklyn boy murder—Casey-Anthony Inspired?

It’s not exactly a copy-cat murder but the alleged killer said he panicked when he realized how many people were frantically searching for the little Hasidic boy he had in his old, white, Honda car.  He panics, he kills him, he dismembers him, puts most of the pieces in a suitcase inside black plastic garbage bags, and other parts inside the refrigerator and more black garbage bags, he hides it and waits. 

This observant Jew obviously lost his nerve and finally led police to the body.  He may not have had time to do some perverted sex act on the boy or the body.  He had been in prison for something but was out free.  At least he did not tell a million lies to cover his tracks.  Really they may not have ever found him, but there must have been a tipoff because the police actually went right to the man’s apt and and to the refrigerator and the remains. 

Will he get away with murder? Will he pull a jury that does not buy the prosecution case? Will this become just another circumstantial case crime for the books? Will the jury and its foreman later be digusted with their own verdict? There could be more Casey Anthony copy cases where they will pull a Casey and lie until they can’t lie anymore. 


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  1. This society has made it clear it will not protect children. I was violently molested by a pediatrician when I was 11 years old, and it took the state 35 YEARS to take his medical license away because the courts did not believe the girls that came forward with their stories. I think this perv that destroyed the beautiful little boy in Brooklyn grew a set when he saw Casey Anthony get off so easy. I wanted them to kill her as an example to the rest of the country to say we stand by our kids, NO MATTER WHAT.

    • Wow, that’s a tough break molested by a doctor as a child. You are right, kids don’t count in this society and when you kill your own kid you can get away with it. But this Jewish guy don’t know Jews obviously especially Jewish mothers. I will not be surprised if he does not kill himself next week when he realizes what he’s facing. Thanks for your comment..

  2. my mom was too actually. when she was a young teen in Brooklyn. odd that I ran across this

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