Morning Joe really Morning Jew or is it Morning Juan?

spanish people

Image by frizzetta via Flickr

I used to record Morning Jew until it got over the top with the nearly all-Jewish panel all morning, every day.  Oh yeah they have the token black—token Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson and sometimes their token go-to-gay-guru Jonathan Capehart, but other than those two, nearly no black folks on there.  The only foil is Pat Buchanan but a lot of folks think he is past his prime.  But I like him because he gets the angst of the people like JFK did.

 But if you read Pat”s blog you will see that white people online love him and blast Jewish media takeover and naturally the “Juan” takeover of our society with the now sons of anchors, anchors, illegals and sons of illegals pushing the babies out to bring their number through the immigrant roof. 

I really blame the illegals in this country hired in the underground construction industry for over building in cities across the country with its cheap labor, crashing and bringing down the economy in an illegal meltdown.  No one talks about the role of illegals in the economic crisis…no that’s too hot politically correct perish the thought. 

CNN has a recent article about how births by Mexicans, that’s what they are folks, I’ve been to Spain, watched Spanish movies and the Mexicans here don’t look ANYTHING like Spanish people from Spain.  They look like Asians and Native Americans and a few look white, a very few.  But they look white not Spanish.  Anyway, that makes me so mad that they are now white!!!!!  When they look like they walked right out of China!!!!!  They should be stamped on their forehead with “made in China” cheap labor and cheap goods from China, now cheap BABIES!!! Oh, I’ve just lost it.  You can see how mad it makes me. 


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