Sexual molestation by physicians—did it happen to you?

Do you want to tell your experience about doctor visits when you were a child or an adult when a doctor did something to you that was not appropriate or downright sexual assault?  I’ve had a few comments about this recently but they both said it happened to their moms.  But if it happened to you talk about it here anonomously of course.  This type of crime goes unreported I think.  I have my own experience when I was in my twenties and pregnant I went for a doctor visit and it was a clinic I usually never went to on the south side of Chicago.  I think the doctor was actually an Indian from India and I will never forget that he felt my privates in an inappropriate manner.  This was the days before a nurse was always in attendance. Lucky for me that was my only experience but I felt bad for months afterward and avoided male doctors after that and always sought out white, female gynecologists.  I don’t use black dentists, sorry, no offense but had too many bad experiences with them. 

If you’ve been to the doctor recently you know that a nurse or someone else is supposed to be in the room when the doctor examines you to protect you.  If not then you need to request that a nurse is there. 


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