Boycott this film “A Better Life”

Kennedy's official Senate portrait in the 1990s

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A Better Life is a recent film by a liberal Jew who seeks to push the liberal agenda on America.  Oh, I know that a lot of white libs love those damn illegals, esp. the Mexican variety, I see it all the time here.  But many more like myself, not enough black people though, see the handwriting on the wall that the illegals have jumped over: we will take over your country and you WON’T stop us!

They wave their dirty flags in our faces and we take it.  We know they are overbreeding humans, we get that.  But Jewish filmmakers want to put their plight in our faces so that we can become bleeding heart libs like Ted Kennedy.  Stop the Ted Kennedy’s and Chris Weitz‘s of the world.  Just go to a grocery store or to Wal Mart and you will see women in their thirties who look fifty with stairstep kids following them usually from 3 to 6 in number, the older ones don’t come with them, where they have two shopping carts and pay with foodstamps enough to choke a horsemeat.

Stop the madness, stop this country from becoming a third world rendez vous where anyone from anywhere can swim, fly or walk across our borders, get a job, get welfare, not pay taxes, overload our schools, shutter our hospitals, drive down salaries, drive the economy into the meltdown ditch and not to mention overcrowd the prisons and overburden tax-paying citizens who need jobs not a handout or have to compete with illegals from everywhere especially from Mexico and China.

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