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Rupert Murdoch Not Dead

Rupert Murdoch

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The website of British tabloid The Sun has been hacked by internet pranksters.

The homepage of the News International newspaper has been replaced with a story announcing the false death of Rupert Murdoch.

The hoax story said the Australian media mogul had been found dead in his garden after an overdose of palladium, a poisonous chemical.

“Officers on the scene report a broken glass, a box of vintage wine, and what seems to be a family album strewn across the floor, containing images from days gone by; some containing handpainted portraits of Murdoch in his early days, donning a top hat and monocle,” the story read.


Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead


Whistleblower Found Dead

A show-business reporter who was the first journalist to allege that News of the World editor Andy Coulson was aware of phone-hacking at his tabloid has been found dead, according to The Guardian, in circumstances that U.K. police deem “unexplained” but “not suspicious.” Sean Hoare worked at the News of the World as well as at another Murdoch tabloid, The Sun, until he was dismissed for drug and alcohol problems. Police won’t confirm his identity, but The Guardian reports that Hoare was found at his property and pronounced dead shortly after.

Rebecca Nalepa found hanging outside of manse (Burmese born)–updated


Update at Radar: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/07/jonah-shacknai-planned-propose-girlfriend-dead-bizarre-hanging

Was Jonah (see his botox-filled face above) about to propose to Rebecca? They also report that she has a mugshot and a record of shoplifting.  But that’s a long way from suicide.  Suicide fits the Asian woman or man’s persona because they believe in rebirth and also saving or losing face.  Even if suicide was not on HER radar something happened that sounds more like suicide.  I think depending on how the hands were bound she could have first bound hands and feet and then had the noose or whatever ready to go.  This method would be a sure-kill one. 

Rebecca Nalepa (Burmese born Asian woman who wanted to revert to her maiden name, Rebecca Zahau )  was found Wednesday morning — naked, with her arms and feet bound with orange cord. Nalepa was in a courtyard at the 27-room mansion,which is just a few feet from the Hotel del Coronado and the beach. She was treated at the scene, but died in the courtyard, before she could be transported to a hospital.

Jonah Shacknai (Jewish) is the founder, chairman and CEO of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., which he began in 1988. Nalepa was Shacknai’s live-in girlfriend of 2 years.

His company is known for such successes as Restylane, a cosmetic wrinkle filler that is a competitor of Botox

And giving according to this quote

Tzedakah (charity) is more than a word to Jonah Shacknai. It’s a way of life. The founder and CEO of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. says his own success in business means he has responsibility toward those who have had fewer opportunities to achieve the same level of success.”

His son died also but in an unrelated accident we think.  But he was in the care of  Nalepa just five days ago when he fell in the mansion on one of the stairwells.   His fall killed him so, I guess no one was watching him, he was six.  Did this Jewish executive murder his girlfriend or did she kill herself because she  allowed his Jewish son Max to die? According to Facebook founder Jewish men LOOOOVE Asian women….he said it not me. But look out white women because I am seeing more and more Asian women (quite aggressive IMO) with white men arm in arm. Even though she was Burmese born she could still have been Chinese.

MSNBC hawking commerical PRO illegal alien citizenship

I have to fast forward or put on mute the commerical that MSNBC has been running about a soldier who was granted citizenship after he was killed.  It’s a freaking job that they are paid to do.  Yes, it is one that can cause death or injury but it is mostly voluntary and a route that many illegals choose in order to gain citizenship.  It’s a freaking job going into the army, going into the navy or the marines or wherever.   This is service field just like teaching.  And teachers have an emotional burdens as well. 

I hate that commercial and wish they would stop running it.  I wonder who’s behind that thing?  MSNBC loves illegals and can’t deny that one.