Murdoch not a convincing liar

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive O...

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The hearings are live right now on MSNBC and we have seen the photos of Rupert pallling around with Rebecca who ran News of the World which makes up one percent of his holdings he claims he did not know that in 2003 she pleaded guilty to knowing about phone hacking. 

Murdoch ‘I was clearly misled” whoa, why? You were the boss that the stockholders have said used his corporation as a candy jar.  His own daughter runs TV productions such as “Masterchef” and much more. 

Murdoch is completely out of the loop on blackmail charges and t he like.  He said he had a zero tolerance policy about wrong doing of his employees.  Either he is a bad liar, bad CEO one who ow ns all kinds of newspapers KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT HIS OWN PEOPLE WHO MADE THE NEWS FOR WRONG doing!!! WTF? Dude you think we are buying this horsecrap? 

Who said that bloggers and blogging would not amount to anything? After the fall of the house of Murdoch who’s next? Who will be left? Bloggers!!!


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