Amy didn’t wanna go to rehab now she’s dead, dead, dead at 27

Back To Black [Explicit] Amy Winehouse from Amazon–Found-dead-London-flat.html

There are lots of photos at this link late pics of the singer before she fell apart. In astrology the Saturn returns happens at age 28, so it is a pivotal age maybe that’s why some of these folks can’t get past 27. I am doing yoga and working out everyday so that I will be around longer this life than the last two. And here these folks are just giving up the ghost mostly through drugs. But does the OD from drugs and life happen more often to celebs? Because I know a bunch of folk and many men in my family who are either drug addicts or recovering and they’ve never overdosed. It seems that the celebs get too much of a good thing that they can afford. Have to ask about that one.

Cover of "Gia (Unrated Edition)"

Cover of Gia (Unrated Edition)

The news this day showed Amy being taken out in a reddish body bag.  The paramedics said it was already too late.  Therefore she might have died late Friday.  Who called them?

This will go into my Famous Friday category because she might have really died early or rather late, late Friday.  But even if she died on Saturday afternoon in her London flat, like another one named Sylvia Plath, she was famous for a minute, not even fifteen minutes.

Amy Winehouse along with others including supermodel Gia, (photos of Gia which I just happened to see from Netflix today.  Angelina Jolie who has the letters G-I-A in her name, played the tragic model Gia, an Italian beauty who died at about 27 from AIDS and from a dirty needle which means that her addiction really killed her just like Amy Winehouse.  So even if Amy didn’t wanna go to rehab and even if she did not do drugs that day the drugs still killed her, yes, yes,  yes.  It could have led to a weakened heart from not eating and from losing protein and muscle in the heart.  She’s Jewish and if she didn’t need an autopsy she would already be in the ground, instead of rehab Amy. 


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