In case you missed it: Drunken, Drugged Diane Schuler Wrong-way driver killed 8 –updated

Rory Kennedy

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Update:  Heloise recently watched the HBO special on TV.  It was shockingly accurate and did not paint Diane as a woman who just happened to do something  bad.

No.  This woman had high levels of alcohol in her blood, pot and was last seen buying pain killers in a drug store, caught on camera.  Some have suggested that the combo more like a drug cocktail could have made this driver incoherent and able to drive for many minutes down the wrong way.  The sad part is that the woman who lost two girls in the crash completely trusted this woman.  Watch it for yourself if you get the chance.  I am convinced of two things now:  the family was ethnically Jewish and this woman was at fault completely at fault. 

In case you missed it: (I started that one) A woman full of drugs and alcohol drove down the highway with a car full of kids driving the wrong way had a head-on with another car killing a total of eight people.  Naturally her husband Dave Schuler (Jewish) is going to great lengths to defend what the toxicology reports have cited as high levels of toxins in her blood.  So Dave and Diane Schuler (both Jewish New Yorkers) are villified and now HBO has made a documentary “There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane” the final words of a little girl killed in the crash.  She killed three adult men in the other SUV and in her car killed herself and a three kids.  HBO

Dave Schuler paid for the documentary and Rory Kennedy (see photo, the daughter of Robert Kennedy Jr., is producting it:

Here’s another link with a strong view to this as a suicide murder.  And yes, his name is Daniel and he has a brother named Jay Schuler.

Here’s one comment from 2009 from someone who has been closely following and has some interesting things to say about Daniel and Diane:

December 9, 2009 at 12:32 pm

The more i read about this case, the clearer it gets. She argued with them at McDonalds to get her kids their last favorite meal and let them play in the playground there since she was gearing up for murder/suicide. It was premeditated, she fed the kids, got her OJ mixer to go, and peeled out of that gas station with a death wish, she drove like a maniac until she was numb enough to not care. She must have told her brother and sister in law something in those phone calls that sealed her fate, she left the phone and with it all hope of being stopped or saved, she drove up the Saw Mill to the Taconic, turned around and came back to end it all. She was not confused, she was building up her nerve. The phone probably got dumped because the kids kept calling home and interferring with her death wish plan, as soon as she knew they were coming to look for her, as soon as the kids said what the road signs said, she went in the opposite direction, north, up the Saw Mill so they would be looking in the wrong place. She was not confused, she was still making premediated decisions to carry out the plan. Then she told her brother she was on Southern State Parkway on Long Island, come on, no matter how drunk you are you can tell the difference between the 2 mile long Tappan Zee toll bridge soaring over the Hudson and Southern State pkwy. She had gone through the toll literally 30 seconds before making the call. She didn’t crash into the toll booth and was able to pull over to the pull off on the right shoulder. The 4 or 5 right hand toll lanes there are all cash only, since they claim they checked the time on her ezpass, that means she probably went through tolls on the left and had to navigate across at least 5 lanes of toll plaza traffic to the pull off without hitting anything.

On page 10 of the police report, a witness describes travelling north on the Taconic at 1:15 pm and being cut off by the minivan ALSO TRAVELLING NORTH getting on the Taconic from the Saw Mill Parkway. This is right where the crash happened, about 200 yards north of the Saw Mill/Taconic merge. This means she went up the Taconic past the crash site, then turned around and got back on the same exit ramp in the wrong direction. She scouted the route! Probably saw a perfect spot to end it all and headed back down the road heading south knowing what was going to happen and where, there is a blind curve with a hill right at the crash site, no chance for the unwitting accessory to the crime to react evasively. There are two (2) turnarounds in that stretch of road, plus a lot of wide grass median and shoulder to change your mind if you wanted to.

This is not the ‘mommy’s a secret addict’ story like the media has jumped on the bandwagon with to no end, she was uniquely crazy and suicidal and had to know what she was doing. Those people know what happened and have been protecting themselves since the brother first called the police and sugar-coated the situation as ‘a possible medical emergency’ and the husband only can say ’she was sober when she left..” not my fault. CYA.

Also, the husbands story about the vodka being his is total BS. He drinks beer, very few men drink vodka as their drink of choice, especially when they are beer drinkers. Vodka is a chick drink.

I read the story in NY Magazine that said how Diane Schuler cut her mother out of her life completely since the age of 9, pretending she did not exist due to her leaving the family, even though the other siblings and her father did not and her mother reached out to her for a relationship, stating it was her choice to keep her away. That is a huge thing to hold inside for 27 years. Interestingly, the 27 year timeframe is relevant also, in terms of cosmic cycles. Anyway, I do think this is the elemental key to the whole story. The public photos released of her wedding are telling, how could she, or anyone there, not be thinking about her mother, who was not invited. How do you go through your wedding day holding that inside? Since it was her wedding day, everyone had to suck it up and it was all about her and not mentioning the obvious absence, the rest of the family would have invited her to such an event. Then having children and depriving them of their grandmother, and vice-versa. This pattern of controlling social situations and punishing people who love you most due to perceived transgressions only makes me believe the murder/suicide theory. Did she punish her husband and brother for something we will never know about? I think everyone needs closure on this case, I am on the side of the victims who feel there is much more to the story.

Was it was the husband having the affair or her? There was a wrong number dialed from her phone to a guy in Oyster Bay, only 10 minutes from where she works that morning. How coincidental that a random wrong number would go so close to home. Maybe the kids had the phone and accidently dialed a contact or recent call? She was left to her own devices when he was at work. Anyway, i think it was the kids who called their father, not her, and then the truth came out. Or the husband confronted her about this other guy and it blew up? He went camping thursday morning, she came up friday night with all the kids. What happened Thursday night?

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  1. Interesting how the “Jewish New Yorkers” had a Catholic burial, and the gravestone of the deceased has a cross on it. Also, the father/husband is Daniel, not David. The documentary also included many photos of her and her family celebrating Christmas, which I believe is a CHRISTIAN holiday?

    Did you watch the documentary or make up antisemitic and incorrect crap as you went along?

    • They are Jewish just like Amy bishop and no media said it. I love Jewish people and if you read all my thousands of posts you would know I don’t single out Jews, blacks or mexicans. I just label what the PC media won’t. That’s all.

    • The husband was not named Dave and Jay is a woman married to Daniel Schulers brother, and 4 girls and 1 woman were killed in that van. WOW! So many errors!

  2. Then why the Catholic funeral? How do you know? Is it just because you said so? Why would a PC media incorrectly film a CATHOLIC burial for this family? With a cross on the headstone? But they’re really Jewish? Are you crazy or just incredibly stupid, paranoid and prejudiced?
    Yes, I have read your posts. You are an all around hater. You “love” the Jews, blacks and Mexicans? You are a sick joke and an offense to the WordPress or any other blogging site.

    Oh, BTW, the pope is Jewish too. Just like Amy Bishop and the pc media. And just like you, Hitler just loved the Jews!

    Go away and take your hate with you. Disgusting.

  3. And how do you know I’m Jewish? The same way you knew about the Hance and Schuler families being Jewish? Once again, you’re wrong. Amazingly, stupidly, but predictibly incorrect. I simply detest people like you – prejudiced, arrogant and ignorant.

    You never answered the question as to why Daniel (not David as you also incorrectly claim) is wearing a cross around his neck while being interviewed, why the Catholic families had a Catholic burial, and why, if Jewish, the Schuler headstone has a cross on it? Were they just trying to be “PC” like you?

    No more statements of “facts” lady – answer the questions:

    David or Daniel?
    Catholic funeral or not?
    Cross on headstone or not?
    Family pictures in front of the Christmas tree or not?
    If they are Jewish, please explain your answers. Show your work.

    And, here’s the biggie – what possible difference does it make what religion these poor people followed? Why is it important to you to state that they are Jewish, even if they were? What relevance does it have to the story? Could it be that if you acknowledged Schuler’s Catholism, you would have to mention that she was driving impaired on a Sunday morning but should have been at mass instead? What’s the deal, bigot? Too cowardly to get the facts and respond?

    • Why are you defending Catholics? They helped Hitler and holocaust to become as successful as it was. The French Catholics which I am, reading two books about how the Vichy sold out it’s Jews, did not even have to participate as fully as the polish did, but complied with the SS before the ink was dry on the missives. Catholicism was the first real teacher to Hitler.

      Don’t worry about how I know or don’t know what.

  4. You can’t answers the questions! Answer the questions, Heloise Hater! Don’t have the correct answers? You bet your life you don’t.

    I didn’t “defend” Catholism, I just pointed out – correctly- that the Schuler family was Catholic, not Jewish, making you…….wait for it…….wrong! You made the judgments, not me. Don’t pretend you are a historian. You are a revisionist delusional bigot. You just proved it. You would have been perfect as a nazi – then or now, or a French Catholic who sold out Jews to Hitler, or a priest during the Spanish Crusades, or a comrade of Bin Laden. Ignorant haters like you always hide behind manipulation of facts and view history through your own particular perverted eyes.

    p.s. I am surprised however that you can read, as you are a moron.

  5. Ok,@ the comment from 12-09/09. Do I can fathom tht diane was suicidal but one thing Dosent fit , why kill the kids? I can even fathom her including her own kids in her “suicide mission” as you call it,but why her nieces! Why not let them out ?or not have them in the van at all, Doent fit!!! So much for your theory’

  6. Thats my question if murder suicide why the kids doesnt make sense at all mabie there was something more going on. I keep tring to think of all possibilities because it just doesnt make sense. i hope the answers come. my thoughts and prayers to all affected that tragic day.

  7. You are a complete nutbag.

  8. That is the most twisted Article I have ever read.
    You can not Assume what a person Alive is thinking. But Post-mortem is the Lowest.
    This Case is just a terrible Tragedy…let it be.

  9. Why is this even showing up in a google search? Scary.

  10. Hey Heloise 8 my dad was catholic and fought the 12th SS and landed in the first wave at Normandy and killed a few hundred Nazis how about you?

  11. Lindsay Johnson

    I wonder why the schulers went camping with 5 kids. More than half not their own.2 adults to 5 children?! Why werent the parents camping as families- to create those wonderful loving memories… Doesn’t make sense. Who lets ALL of their kids go camping without them? DIdn’t they think more adult parenent supervision would create a better time- more childhood memories? Somthing smells.. Fishy.. It’s not ok to pawn your kids off on family and then scream and cry when everything goes Literally to HELL!! BOo HOo..

  12. This article has as much credibility as the NY Post. Daniel & Diane were not Jewish. They were catholic. Or at least we know for a fact that Diane was because she had a Cathloic funeral and they showed pics of her in her communion dress. And even if they were Jewish, what difference would that make? Unless you actually have a gripe with Jewish people all together. In which case you’re not a journalist. Just another uninteresting bigot with a computer & an opinion.

  13. She couldn’t find the pain medication at the gas station, she didn’t take anything other than the vodka and thc, did you watch the documentary?

  14. This article is so overloaded with the wrong “facts” that I am surprised the writer isn’t fully humiliated by the fact that anyone can see it. Diane Schuler killed THREE of her nieces and her own daughter, so that means she killed FOUR children, herself, and the three men in the SUV. Jay Schuler is NO ONE’S brother, she is Daniel Schuler’s sister in law. She was not in a drug store that day, she was in a gas station looking for over the counter gelcaps, which she left without because they didn’t have any. The woman that had complete faith in Diane was her sister in law Jackie Hance, wife of Diane’s brother, and they lost three children that day, not two. As far as the family being Jewish, not only is it irrelevant but they were obviously Catholic. I think if you want to tell people how much you hate Jewish people you should have just left this story out completely and did a ranting Rush Limbaugh type of blog. None of your facts are right and you sound like a member of the lunatic fringe.

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    Stick with it!

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  18. Firstly, Diane’s jewish heritage had absolutely nothing to do with this incident and it is stupid for you to beLIEve it did. 2ndly, statements made about Diane’s drinking at a local bar by un-named sources is not credible reporting and nothing short of the ‘rumor mill’ at work. There is no credible evidence that Diane was an alcoholic or a closet drinker.

    From the autopsy report, we can see that Diane was not suffering from any unknown medical condition or disease process that impaired her decision making processes and so we are left with an answered ‘why’. Why would she act so out of Character that day?

    I think the lab should have run a full panel blood screen to see if she had a high white count or some other high abnormal value that could contribute to Diane’s odd behaviors that appears to have had a sudden onset of 1 to 2 hrs before the crash. We know that her brother’s wife received a phone call from Diane advising they had a late start getting home and was aware that her nieces had a scheduled activity that afternoon and they needed to get home soon. We know that shortly after that phone conversation, Diane began to become disoriented, traveled up and down parkways, in essence she was driving in circles, speeding, changing lanes, tailgating in a hurry to get where she going but going in circles. We know she made several stops along the way as drivers saw what appeared to be her bent over and vomiting at two different rest stops. Why no one came over to her at these rest stops to offer assistance is ‘mind blowing’ to me especially when they knew there were children in her vehicle. We know from the toxicology report that Diane consumed considerable amounts of alcohol and we can tell from her stomach contents that she was sipping alcohol vs guzzling and most likely it was a ‘mixed’ beverage. Did she ‘impulsively’ pour the Vodka into her iced McDonald’s diet soda after not finding her brand of analgesic at the store? With no shaker to properly mix the alcohol, she is Sipping from a straw and getting far more alcohol camouflaged by diet soda taste and that brand of vodka having little to no taste that goes down smooth. Did she lose perspective of the fact that she was sipping an alcoholic beverage with her growing confusion and drunkeness? TCH which is the active ingredient in marijuana that is picked up in lab reports stays in the system for days and thus it is incorrect to assume she smoked weed that Day.

    When we review her history we find that Diane did on rare occasions act impulsively: once she went out for a gal of milk and came home with a flat screen tv; another time she went grocery shopping and came home with a Jeep Cherokee. Impulsive acts so rare in occurrences that they were forgotten and forgiven but suggestive of a personality crack in the perfect super-woman?

  19. Why is it so important to figure out WHY Diane Schuler acted so out of character that day? Because if we don’t, we will more Diane’s slipping under the radar without detection until tragedy strikes.

  20. Just watched a show on weird afflictions and thought about this story when Auto brewers syndrome was presented. Perhaps far fetched but makes sense in that alcohol contents were in her gut and had not entered her blood stream. Combine this syndrome with something like low blood sugar and resonates more than a woman with no history of heavy drinking or irresponsible behavior .

  21. Oh, nice to know they are Jewish New Yorkers.

  22. This article is full of mistakes right down to the husbands name! Terrible!

    • Yes. Insensitive as hell and she or he can’t honor the parents by counting the number of precious children they lost. Careless reckless journalism at its best = the worst.

  23. Another thing. Thing post I found uncover a lot of truths. For example, no one knows why she stopped at the gas station. The police never talked to the attendant. That was made up up Dave’s hired gun. She could have been asking for booze!

  24. This article is riddled with false information. Do your research. She did not actually purchase any pain pills.. she went into the store to find over the counter meds and they didn’t have any. Also, it was her three nieces and her daughter who passed away in the crash.

  25. Wow, you are a fucking moron. Glad you’re not in the legal business. You shouldn’t even be in the alive business. Please seek help before you’re the next one driving the wrong way ‘unexpectedly’ on the highway.

  26. Your article is careless, not to mention that you got the # of children wrong — the Hance family lost 3 daughters and not 2. That’s a pretty horrible error. Your heavy-handed psycho babble is offensive as well. Suicide/murder? On what evidence do you base this hypothesis? By evidence I means factual accounts of this woman’s life which would indicate a propensity towards depression hopelessness and thoughts of suicide. But there’s one problem. Her life shows just the opposite. You can write anything you want regardless of its lack of insight, void of reasoning and brimming over with sensational speculation. Very entertaining. Very inflammatory but you left the foundation behind and I find reckless journalism pretty offensive. Just an opinion held by me. Try getting the # of children correct. Start there and work backwards until you begin again. Very bad indeed.

    • Oh yeah one more interesting idea to share with you : the fact that the Schuler family or the Hance family or your family for that matter is or is not Jewish is a fascinating point on which to dwell. But it says more about your mentality than about anything else. But I must comment that it rings consistent in a fairly useless commentary. Someone who forgets about one of the deceased children shouldn’t be expected to show sensitivity on any issue. What a ridiculous piece.

  27. They weren’t Jewish. Murder/suicide makes the most sense of anything else I have heard though. Alcoholics don’t binge drink, they don’t down a whole ten drinks at once. She knew what she was doing and was on a mission. Additionally, very very many good people smoke marijuana. Not while driving though. She was not some drug addict. Why she was mad at her husband I don’t knew. He didn’t get to the campground Thursday night it was shown. He lied and was somewhere else….didn’t show up until 5 hours before his wife in Friday.

  28. This Helois looks like a granddaughter of a KKK. I mean look at her and listen to how judgmental she is. I guess when you look like a bird you might as well act like one. What an idiot.

  29. Wow, you should do your research before you make any kind of comments or statements. You are wrong about everything here! ‘His brother Jay’ 😂😂

  30. Please seek medical help, you’re as mentally ill as Diane Schuler was.

  31. I see problems with your blog: The Schuler’s religious background makes no difference to the tragedy that happened (As a matter of fact, they were devout Roman Catholic, not Jewish); Jay is the sister-in-law of Danny (Married to Danny’s brother). Schuler is a German name, much like Trump, whom I think you would really like to meet and swap xenophobic stories. Diane, a Roman Catholic, married to Daniel Schuler (another Roman Catholic), got drunk for some reason or was drunk when she got in the car. She killed herself and seven others, including 4 children. NO ONE will ever know what happened; all we can do is guess, and that’s not fair. Danny Schuler (the Catholic husband), is a butt-head. Period. That doesn’t make the loss of his wife and daughter any less tragic. The Hance family (of which Diane was a member and also a Catholic family), the Longo family, and the Bastardis, lost so much that day. They all lost. Get over it and flush your anti-Semitic crap down the toilet. I don’t know what happened and I don’t pretend to guess, but the entire story saddens me and I am glad that these families are able to move forward (including Bryan Schuler, son of Diane). You never forget but you can forgive.

  32. Knm – Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

    • Curious as to why you think they are Jewish and what difference it makes or even why the need to point it out. Maybe I missed something.
      I watched the documentary 3 times. She never bought whatever she went in the store looking for either.
      However you see it, my take is that I believe the fact that she was drunk and high. I think it is just too hard for the family to come to terms with. And that’s my take, 7 years later. I just saw the documentary.

  33. WHAT DOES BEING JEWISH HAVE TO DO WITH THIS HORRIFIC TRAGEDY???? What is wrong with you???? You’re making judgments based on your own prejudices and facts you gleaned from things you’ve read and seen on television. Why would anyone consider anything you say to be even remotely valid? You are a vile and small-minded human being.

  34. Your obviously didn’t watch the documentary….or u were super drunk and high when u did Cuzco all yet details are WRONG. Nice job making up a whole new fiction story though…ps don’t quit yer day job Cuz u can’t tell the story worth pooh.

  35. I have recently watched the documentary and within the first 30 minutes there were inconsistencies with the husbands story. First one was at a news conference he stated what they’re did before they left the campground. He said they made breakfast. But then he says later she had to stop to get breakfast. Another one is the campground owner said the wife was driving behind her husband but he says he was following her. Things don’t add up.

  36. Really poorly written article. Diane Schuler (no evidence of being Jewish)
    TRIED to buy painkillers. She was not successful. She was not suicidal. She had a toothache which she had tried to get worked on but it hurt her too much. She swigged the equivalent of a coke can full of vodka in an attempt to dull the pain. Being an inexperienced drinker, she drank too much. Everything about the police reports suggested alcoholic intoxication. The marijuana had nothing to do with it. Even if she smoked some that morning it would have worn off by then. She would have had to have smoked it in front of the kids and she wouldn’t do that.

  37. Not that it matters, bet they were all Catholic. And you didn’t get the husbands name right. Fool.

  38. Jewish or not is off topic to me.
    We’re talking about the pathology of OCD.
    I agree with the idea that this was a murder suicide conducted by a pathological control freak ; and that she was unravelling for years.
    Even Diane’s mother-in-law said that she couldn’t understand how Diane could do so much unless she never slept. She also said that she her son was a Momma’s Boy and that Diane filled her shoes in that department.
    Diane Schuler was an angry, controlling, obsessive compulsive time bomb. She may well have had a blinding headache before she lost it. Nevertheless, her last act was to skillfully drive down the wrong side of the highway then crash her car killing herself and 7 others.
    If anything; this is a wake up call that OCD is not admirable; but dangerous.

  39. Your facts are completely wrong. I could list a ton of stuff that is wildly inaccurate. I hope you have improved those investigative skills, moron.

  40. Joyce Anthony-Huff

    The husband was DANIEL Schuler, not David Schuler. Do you do any research? You are obviously a moron. Also, the families (Hance and Schuler) were both Catholic. Diane was Irish/German background.

  41. Joyce Anthony-Huff

    Whoever is writing this Heloise 8 blog is a real low-information dumbbell.

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