Yes, Mexicans do have more fatal car accidents

Here are the stats and in some instances the fatalities in Texas are greater by percent higher than the national average. Beside that mexicans have more fatal accidents including killing themselves, other mexicans, and other people than any other group almost combined by percentage.

Today saw a cement truck that was overturned with a huge light pole also in the street exactly where I cross the bridge when I ride my bike downtown. If anyone had been at that intersection they would have been killed. So I watch and a white man was driving the cement truck and then I saw a Mexican woman standing outside of a large red pickup truck. So she had to be involved somehow in this accident which shut down the intersection for five hours off I 30. Why would you have to stand and wait if you are not involved. Every accident I see here or hear about involves a Mexican, drunk, teens, or not drunk but still can’t freaking drive or just don’t give a shit or simply cannot read the English road signs in my adopted state but it’s so sad to see every day.

The last day of school a nice, new car was involved in a three car accident right in the school parking lot. A Mexican with no insurance had hit a rich white womans car and another one too somehow. All in the parking lot.


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