Netflix don’t push us to say “F You!”

In 1998 Reed Hastings founded Netflix, the lar...

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Customers reacted angrily when Netflix announced earlier this month that it’s hiking prices on plans that include DVDs and streaming, in a move that highlights the company’s shift from physical discs to online video.

“It is expected and unfortunate that our DVD subscribers who also use streaming don’t like our price change, which can be as much as a 60% increase,” Netflix said in its earnings release.

The company acknowledged that “some subscribers will cancel Netflix or downgrade their Netflix plans, [but] we expect most to stay with us.”

Okay, I’ve been a fan of and used Netflix now for two  years.  I have the unlimited streaming and because I love Jews, documentaries, black people, French films, foreign films, HBO and all things niche market I found a lot to stream.  I got August to do a marathon watch before I have to decide.  I am going for this hike, no I’m not.  I checked and my present bill would go up almost six dollars to keep what I have.  I will probably downgrade to something else and then change up to another Netflix package so that I can get my fill.

I might do extra DVDs for a while to get caught up and no streaming, while I will be caught up on streaming, then when I get caught up on my DVDs change to streaming or a combo.  But I am trying to keep my bills down as I pay ATT for cable and high speed internet and that’s enough.  So my advice to Netflix don’t push us to say “f off.”


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