Muslim-American Arrested in Texas for Fort Hood Massacre Plan

Another white man who can’t get laid has laid plans to shoot up and bomb up the base or near the Fort Hood Base, but the creep got caught.  It turns out they were looking for his pervert butt because he was found with child porn on his computer and the army was looking for him when he went AWOL on July fourth and took a taxi from the airport and came over 800 miles in order to buy more ammo and be near the Fort Hood Texas town.  He wanted to get even with the army and imitate Nadal Hassan. 

This Abdo guy looks like a white guy you changed his name and converted to Islam.  If you see my earlier post the doctor said that men like this, young, white men, behaving badly, can’t get laid or have trouble with relationships with women or men go in for media attention by doing some genocidal act.  Remember we need to ignore people like this and not give them the hype they want but point out that they are LOSERS!  And kudos to the retired service man and police officer who spotted something wrong when the guy took a cab and  bought smokeless gunpowder and did not know what it was for.  Don’t mess with Texas.


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