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Sept 7: Set your DVR for Obama jobs speech and GOP debate

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President Obama has requested a joint session of Congress at 8 p.m. next Wednesday to lay out new jobs proposals aimed at boosting the economy.

That would be the same night as a scheduled debate in California among the 2012 Republican presidential candidates.

“It is coincidental. … There are a lot of factors that go into scheduling a joint session of Congress for a speech,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney at a Wednesday press briefing. “You can never find a perfect time.”

Daryl Hannah arrested in front of WH

Daryl Hannah at the Farm Gala in 2006.

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Actress Daryl Hannah has joined the over 500 people who have been arrested since August 20 for a sit-in protest outside the White House.

The “Splash” and “Wall Street” star was one of nearly 100 people who were arrested on Tuesday for protesting the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, according to a press release from Rainforest Action Network.

Obama uncle: No African illegals please

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A good article that shows this country just loves illegals from Boston to Chicago to Houston. the pols here just eat it up when an illegal comes a courting to their city of CHOICE: get jobs, open businesses, able to buy trucks, get legal SS numbers, buy homes they cannot afford and most of all in our face! Illegals from Africa are just as bad as from Mexico.  Since Africa is such a poor continent the people there are master con artists and liars.  We don’t need them.  We will get the legal kind and look at Obama daddy, hell he was a college man and did not lead a moral nor ethical life marrying or not marrying his baby mamma. 

This case of  Mr. I’ll call the White House:

“I think I will call the White House,” Onyango said when the cops offered him his one phone call.

Onyango’s arrest comes on the heels of a horrific drunken-driving accident in Milford, where an illegal alien is accused of dragging a young man to death.

Onyango’s sister is Zeituni Onyango, the president’s aunt who won asylum last year after reporters found her living — also as an illegal alien — on welfare in a South Boston public housing project.

At least the uncle had a job . . . even if he wasn’t legally entitled to one. Obama Onyango told police he worked at a local liquor store.

Hurry September

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We love the month of September because traditionally it is when the weather breaks no matter what.  And this has been a summer of what and WTF? with the nearly one hundred days of hot weather.  It is forecasted to be in the 90s this week with three days of rain.  Thank God or should I say Thank Perry?  LOL

It’s official: Al Sharpton host of politicsnation

Interesting two days after my “The Age of Opinion” appeared on blogcritics Phil Griffin made Al the official word sheriff on all things political at MSNBC.


Al Sharpton got a new gig for real this time.  Now Al don’t think you can only have on only black people like the jews only have on jews or the media moghuls push the non jews to have jew guests mostly.  no you better keep a small quota of black people to sprinkle around  your show.  no all black show for you LOL.

Dick Cheney greedy bastard releases new book

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In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir Amazon best seller already!

Dick Cheney has made more money than the devil with the war and with Halliburton while in office. But no that’s not enough for him.  And now he has written a book about his former co workers throwing them under the bus.  Don’t you hate when that happens ?

Now he has written a not tell all on himself but on others. And Colin usse the phrase I just used to describe the use of toilet humor in The Help, Colin Powell calling Cheney’s shit “cheap shots.”  You go Colin because those are fighting words for you LOL. 

Beyonce baby bump

Good thing they can afford it.

Video: Robert Kennedy Jr. on clean energy (Commonwealth Club)

New Jersey blasted by Irene

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Gov. Christie said that Irene has caused billions of dollars in damage in New Jersey.  I think most of NJ has moved to Texas anyway.  There will be no mass transit in NYC until Monday.  Irene has tamped down to a tropical storm but it could easily flood.

“Over the top” I think I started that

June 2007 I wrote:  The brain surgery was over the top because it was not grounded enough in reality. If you listen to stand up comedians, the funniest are always the ones with the simplest re-tellings of ordinary events that go awry.

I wrote that back in 2007 and I was hoping it made it into the dictionary.  Even if that is not the first instance of that phrase because it turns out that there was a movie or something with that title back in the 1970s. I will say that I can take credit for adding to the common lexicon these days.

By the way,  every once in a while I re read some of my old political articles and not only was I predicting well before the election in “Going into home stretch” that Obama would win election in 2008 but I also made an over the top prediction that he would win reelection by a landslide.  Now, unless something really earth shaking happened, I mean he already got Bin Laden, I don’t see that happening now.  In fact I might have said he would lose by a landslide.  Maybe that’s what I saw instead.

Well, if you have nothing better to do you might want to read my political articles over at because they started a shift in media and political lingo even I didn’t see coming LOL. 

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