Jennifer Lopez: Married on Rebound—Divorce on Downturn

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.

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Jennifer Lopez is talking trash about her recent separation from Mark Anthony. But celebrity marriage observers could see this rebound relationship was headed for the rocks from the getgo.  My first thought was rebound even though she had slept around and dated Mark before. I think they were even engaged.  But the engage has turned to enrage and something happened to the “rebound” marriage.  Hell, who hasn’t Jennifer Lopez slept with? Rumors are that she and P Diddy are getting back together.  Who cares? 

The real story is that they manaaged to get married and stay married long enough to have a few kids.  That’s probably the reason she got married in the first place to add to the number of majority minority in this country.  But sleeping around will only result in divorce rounds.  While I’ve never seen a study on the celebate crowd (Like myself) or the young people who limit the number of people they sleep with before marriage or wait until marriage (like my two kids did) before sexual and emotional actions take place.  With the libs in firm control of the media don’t expect to see too many studies or blogs about how marriages built on Christian values, abstinence and few partners last longer and stay stronger than marriages after multiple partners.  We won’t hold our breath on those facts forthcoming….it’s bad for business.


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