Near Death Experience: Just Plain “Beyond Belief”

ABC reporter Bob Woodruff

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Why is it that the near death experience seems to come to hardened people who have no interest in spirituality or in meditation or in altered states in the first place? That’s the real question.  It’s because they need a bigger jolt to get into those in between states than spiritual seekers. 

A long time ago I decided or realized that the NDE just is not real and does not exist and I don’t believe in it nor do I know it to be a truth.  In my book I document one person’s memory of her moment of death and it is nothing like what these people talk about.  Is death painless? Not really, not the way it is described and experienced by “insiders” whom I trust before I trust someone off the street so to speak.

I am watching Woodruff’s special “Beyond Belief”  but it is not informative to me.  The same thing repeated that it is a brain function or safety net that happens when a person is undergoing a strong experience or bad one that they are destined to survive.  It’s kinda like the drunk who bounces around and does not get hurt yet kills others with his drinking and loss of control.  The drunk has surrendered control but those he damages have not. NDE is really the body surrendering control over its functions and that helps it to survive against great odds.  They ain’t dead, they did not die and there is no such thing as the NDE. 

Meditators have been able to reproduce this state without even trying.  It is an in between state at best and just a brain rehersal at worse.  The show had on the guy who wrote 90 Minutes in Heaven, a best seller.  I didn’t buy it or read it and I ain’t buying it.  LOL

This is my experience based on decades of research and meditation into the subject.  I think that the NDE is at most a way that the body using the brain heals itself, just like REM sleep, it serves a purpose but it is not the same as dying or near dying.  A badly injured person may be near death physically and the body/brain complex steps in to save it.  But what they see is NOT the same thing seen and experienced by those who really do cut the cord and leave the body until the next one.

Anyone is welcome to their opinion.  But I will not publish personal attacks or comments that contain sexually explicit text.  I am not going to edit such text either.  Keep it clean or keep it to yourself.  Thank you.


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  1. Charles Jenkinson

    I do believe you are missing the point of the article (of which this blog post is a comment) – the ‘6 medical doctors’ one. They are medical doctors who advised the people were dead, i.e. not consciously inhabiting a body; the specific criteria being that brain function is known to go to zero at 10 seconds after beathing and heart have stopped. It is clear that not all those doctors believe in God, from how they write, but they are all absolutely certain there is something real going on with NDE. You are of course welcome to your opinion, but in the end our personal opinions don’t determine external realities, and I would put it to you that NDE is an external reality that happens to people irrespective of their choice or opinion.

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