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Reel Short Takes: Carmen and Geoffrey

Alvin Ailey and Carmen de Lavallade in 1954.

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I just watched “Carmen and Geoffrey” dancers from back in the day and today.   What a treat.  I love dancing because I was a dancer in France in a past life and it still haunts my dreams.  These two geniuses, dancers, choreographers, costume designers, directors, musical creators are a real joy to watch.  They both knew Alvin Ailey and Josephine Baker and worked with both and danced all over the world.  Geoffrey Holder and Carmen his wife are national treasures.

Filmmaker Linda Atkinson profiles an uncommon husband-and-wife team in this biographical portrait of dancer-choreographer Carmen De Lavallade and her husband, Geoffrey Holder, a choreographer, painter and set and costume designer. Highlights include candid interviews and performance footage that capture dance greats such as Judith Jamison, Gus Solomons Jr., Dudley Williams, Ulysses Dove and Alvin Ailey in action. from Netflix streaming  see it!


Obama hits 50 Dow Drops Over 500

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Briefing (200905070001HQ)

Image by nasa hq photo via Flickr

Happy birthday to the big government believers and thank you democrats and republicans for the worst financial year on record. What did you do on your birthday Mr. President?  Burn ribs on a Barbque while the market fiddled with doom?  What the hell do we need these selfish leaders for? If you can’t steer the ship or shut the fat cat loopholes then just go home. ?/p>

Carey Mulligan Engaged to Marcus Mumford

The adorable Carey Mulligan during Q&A followi...

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The star of An Education and another movie that was not so good is engaged to a musician.  I never heard of Marcus Mumford but obviously he is known to Carey.   source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1668442/carey-mulligan-marcus-mumford-engagement.jhtml

Carey Mulligan is about to get “an education” in marriage.

According to Us, Mulligan is engaged (for real this time) to boyfriend Marcus Mumford. The Mumford & Sons frontman, 24, reportedly popped the question to Mulligan, 26. The pair first got together five months ago, when the “Drive” actress went to a secret Mumford & Sons show with her buddy Jake Gyllenhaal. (Mumford and Mulligan are also said to have been childhood pen pals through their church in London.)

Their supposed engagement was first reported on July 26, but Us claimed on Wednesday (August 3) that they got the latest scoop from an insider close to the couple. “They’re a great couple,” the source told the magazine, “very sweet.”

Celina Cass: Body Found in River Stepfather Suspected

While there is no cause of death it is not believed to be criminal because of where her body was found.  She was reported missing on July 26, she was 11, and not posing in provocative glamour magazines.

Divers found her body late Monday morning near a hydroelectric dam that spans the Connecticut River between Stewartstown and Canaan, Vt., and removed it from the river Monday evening, said New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young.

“We have brought Celina home, obviously not the way we wanted to bring her home,” said Ms. Young, her voice breaking with emotion.

Authorities had said that Celina, who lived with her older sister, mother and stepfather a mile from the Canadian border, was last seen at a computer around 9 p.m. on July 25 and was gone the next morning. Police said there was no sign of a struggle, and there was no indication she ran away or that someone took her. http://www.europaplus.tv/2011/08/missing-new-hampshire-girl-celina-casss-body-found-in-river/

Keep it clean or keep it to yourself

This post is just a statement to those who want to comment: keep it clean and free of personal attacks and sexual talk.  I will not edit either but trash it.  Thank you.

The Near Debt Experience

Just like the near death experience is at most a way that the brain heals the body, so raising the debt ceiling is a way of healing the body politic to keep it from dying.  It worked for now.  But the fact remains that those who take the jobs oversees get paid by the government to do it.  The companies that benefit from the vast industrial complex known as the pentagon and its war machine at the expense of even the small businessman and the man and woman who want to just work, are killing this country with their debt. 

Now the ceiling has been raised to 100 percent of GDP while the  FAA fiddles,  planes fly and and this stalemate has cost billions.