Summer Fun: It’s not too Hot for Hot Yoga

Yoga Class at a Gym

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When I was initiated and started meditation under Sant Mat or Rahda Soami, we were told not to use Hatha Yoga as a means to enlightenment.  It was used as a tool in the days of the yogis of India and invented to be done in a small space like a cave… LOL.

But I’ve been going to yoga classes since I was about sixteen and on and off for decades.  This time I’ve gotten serious about it.  That and biking. Here’s a good link that’s got some freebies with it too.  I’ve spoken to two women who do hot yoga and one told me that she has a bad case of arthritis and had surgery.  Her doctor told her the only thing she could do in the way of exercise was yoga and swimming.  She said that doing hot yoga was like “medicine” because she is now pain free and is not taking medications for the arthritis.

The other woman is a teacher I knew because we taught at the same school.  I had not seen her in years and she said that she had a bad accident and broke her hip and one leg is shorter than the other.  She started doing yoga and has improved her range of motion and is pain free.  As for me, well you know ole Jack I have all kinds of back and neck problems.  And most of all I want to lose about twenty pounds.  So today I rode my bike to class because it was still early and did the 90 minute class. Oh yeah most hot yoga classes are longer usually never shorter than 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes.  In fact last week I did a 90-minute class with room temp of 98.6.  That class had much slower and less fast poses because it was hotter there.

Usually the classes for hot yoga are set at 90 degrees with 50-60% humidity.   I have plenty of mats but did not the right towel to put on my mat because  you lose your grip with too much sweat.  My postures with the biking, weight lifting, eliptical machine work have improved so much.  I can’t believe I am doing some of the poses that I can.  This is as close to dancing as I can get and I really think this is it.


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