Children of a Lesser Grade

Timothy Geithner, Still Shoveling
Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

“All is vanity!” declared the great King Solomon, yet he was the vainest of all dozens of  fairest maidens at his beck and call.  In some ways America is like the great King because we were once a part of a kingdom and later broke off from a great kingdom or empire: The British Empire and we are still trying to catch them. We have the framers of the constitution back then and these days we have what I call the “farmers” of the constitution.  They are not very good farmers AKA husbandry because they are not husbanding the economy into greater fertility.  We are stagnant and sterile and that’s not a good thing.  Oh well I think it’s time to “bring in the Jews.”  Yes, fill the talk airwaves with the experts on economy of the world, the one world, and we know that those experts are all Jewish, just sayin.

Recently the credit ratings of this country was downgraded just a tad, a notch to AA+ and we fall behind other first world countries, mostly white, with the finest rating in the land that of triple A.  Standard and Poor’s are warning that they could lower the grade–again.  Okay there’s the call for you so seeing the future should not be too hard for the Hill crowd.

Honestly I did not give this too much thought when I heard about it because I’ve been calling this shit, this cauldron we’ve been swimming in a depression for some time now. See my JFK Reckless Youth or how to watch the depression article.

But guess what? The powers that be are asking us to abide by the official definition of depression.  According to the definition of recession and depression we are not officially in an economic depression. It has to do with how much growth has happened in a quarter.   Heloise however thinks that maybe it’s time for a new definition of the “new normal” we find ourselves in unemployment and GDP growth wise.  We are weak let’s face it.  And worse of all Rush Limbaugh got his wish “I hope Obama fails.”  It seems that Obama and Tim Geithner have failed us mostly due to  their collective lack of prescience.  I am being facetious here because how much clairvoyance does it take when you are warned that the lesser grade is coming?  Tim, what did little Timmy say about the warning? He said it was not going to happen.  What a loser.

Yes, it takes two kinds of balls to be a bad-ass politician, as a person who must have the kind of balls you can’t see and possess the kind of ball you can see, crystal that is.  A ball wherein you can read the fucking future especially after it has already been predicted to you and for you.

These crummy days we stand a nation of a lesser S&P and GDP in the fucked range.  New times call for new definitions, renewed boldness of taking the bull by the balls and admitting you did not listen to the freaking soothsayer who told you plainly that your shit was going to be downgraded like two years ago.


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