Internecine: when democracy kills

Marcus Tullius Cicero, by Bertel Thorvaldsen a...

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Internecine: strange history of the word changes the meaning from warfare to the death to fighting between two close entities. But that is the word both meanings that describe what our elected officials have done to each other and to the budget. When all else fails I turn to Cicero for advice.  The Romans spoke of their slaves a lot because everyone had them.  They had slaves and many of their metaphors involve what would they do with their slave in case of dire financial emergency.  We don’t have slaves in this democracy we are the slaves.  We are slaves to the Chinese so that is a fitting metaphor me thinks.

We have democracy it does not have us yet. A complex manner of governing that we have not mastered yet.
The economy falls in line with the attitude of its leaders.

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