Kenneth Cole Wants You

Robert Kennedy, Jr. celebrating Ralph Lauren's...

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to take a stand. He also sees a way to change the world and to make money at the same time. One issue, one item at a time at his new site called: or Ken Cole who is married to the daughter of former governor Mario Cuomo, has a new web site he was touting on Morning Jew (my clever name for the show) and it’s a strange looking web site with a mix of twitter feed on one side and comments with a facebook connect on the other side and a list of issue at the opening all wrapped in black. Okay. These are BFFs of Robert Kennedy Jr. who probably met his girlfriend through them. You know the rich socialites who run NYC with his old but fresh fashion line. He courts controversy but that sells underwear and clothes.

But give it a look. I looked at the gay marriage issue question. But I got nothing to say there. I do my talking here. LOL


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