Rick Perry The Complete Package

When Perry sought re election here recently we facebooked some opinions between some online bloggers and others who write about politics.  We were as a consensus none too happy that he was running….again, because we knew Perry would win again.  But then I lamented that I was not voting for no democrat by the name of Bill White, did not want to see him in the Texas mansion.  So while I did not vote in this last election I have voted for Perry in the past.

I think the man is sort of a complete package.  I mean he is also a career politician but a pretty good one.  The only thing that he did was try to shove the vaccine down every teens body and that was protested and the people won that battle.  It was a vaginal vaccine against cervical cancer I think.  These days because of the invasion of so many people from other places the kids here get so many shots and vaccinations that it’s stupid.  I mean you have to get vaccinated against hepatitis for goodness sakes.  Who is gonna get that disease as a young child? You can if you live in filthy conditions or are exposed to them among other means of transmission.

No way my kids got those vaccines and I do not support that at all.  But other than that and the allowance of too many illegals into the state I have no problem with Perry.  He is a Christian an Evangelical I think and I get that.  He is a family man and a man who thinks he can win and does win. 

He is not a transplant like the Bush family are from Maine.  He’s a real Texan and looks like the typical good looking men here.  Some of the best looking men I’ve ever seen really.  But I told Obama that I was through with him if he appointed another super duper liberal to the SCOTUS and he did.  Since then I have nothing to say to him.  Forget the poverty and the job’s thing that’s a biggie but I pulled back my support from him when he put those two women in office for life: Elena Kagan and Sotomayer.  Yuck.  I was just ill over those two appointments really not over it yet. 

But for sure Perry is no Bush, he ain’t no Obama either.  He ain’t even Mitt the businessman and career politician.  Maybe we should put Mitt and Perry together and put the white man back in the white house because I am sick of all the racial wrangling going on.  I mean I am the only one who can get away with that LOL. 

So hopefully Perry won’t appoint a Mexican from an illegals stock to attorney general like Bush did nor some uber east coast women to sit on SCOTUS and on Obama’s career. 


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