Meet Eric Holder—Author of “Fast and Furious”

You won’t catch Rachel MadCow chewing on this one.  Nor will you hear a peep out of Sharpton, who makes more mistakes than the three Stooges on the hot seat tackling this fish.  But I ask YOU the taxpayer: who else could have authorized Fast and Furious to put guns in the hands of more Mexicans?  Only the top brass could have done this debacle.  Only they are capable and culpable of such deviant behavior.  I knew Holder was a rat when I saw him and now the truth will out.  He and Obama claim to know nothing of the 1500 guns that were sold and put in the hands of Mexicans for tracing back to the states to see who the straw people were.  Who the hell cares who the straw folks are? Why put more free weapons in the hands of criminals who have used the arms to kill americans and law enforcement?

What an idiot if Eric did this with Obama’s approval they will both get swept out of office in 2012.


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