Anton Yelchin: Russian Jew turned Movie Star

Anton Yelchin at the 2008 Toronto Internationa...

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Anton Yelchin moved to America from the Soviet Union in 1989, when he was just 6 months old. His parents, Irina Korina and Viktor Yelchin, were stars of the Leningrad Ice Ballet, and had even qualified for the 1972 Winter Olympics in figure-skating pairs but were barred from participating by the Soviet government.

“I don’t exactly know what that was—because they were Jewish or because the KGB didn’t want them to travel,” said Yelchin in an interview with The Daily Beast. The family, which was quite well off by Soviet standards, sold all their worldly possessions—their home, their summer house, even their family jewelry, since the Soviet authorities wouldn’t let them take it—and immigrated to the U.S. as refugees who didn’t speak a word of English. Joined by Irina’s father, who had recently suffered a stroke, and Viktor’s mother, they eventually settled into a tiny apartment in West Hollywood.

this article reminds me of what’s wrong with black people.  I mean we don’t toot our own horns enough.  I mean you take one little ugly immigrant Russian Jew put him in front of a camera and the Jewish journalists in the media crawl all over his character and set him up as the next Jewish Robert Redford.  Yes, he is probably smart, what else is new? But black folks don’t push black stars enough especially the new ones who were born right here as were their parents and great grand parents.   But that does not count anymore does it? 


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  1. ‘ugly jew’ ???? Really? Though the media might have us believe differently, they don’t all look like the stereotype propogated in German cartoons in the 30s and all over the globe today.

    Have you met Jews? Been to Israel lately? I offer: why not reject all forms of prejudice and stereotypes. If we don’t, we don’t only make asses of ourselves, we take away others’ right to use equally erroneous racist slurs against Blacks.

    • Vered while Jews intermarry with prominent blacks and whites Jews are the masters of the law manmade and biblical and of political propaganda. They are judge and jury in the world and their time to harvest has come. They have much ownership in their genocidal history as do the Catholics which I was born to.

      Like all races jews can be opportunistic finding the best or richest smong goyas and blacks to marry. That is what saddens me about their greedy side. That said, Hitler could not have done the holocaust without them.

      What’s more for what it’s worth I treasure my Israeli past lives more than anything but the gods told me I was not to be a jew this time. For the record. I love Jews and always have. I have books and videos about all things jews. Pray shabat. My purpose is to light the fire so that we eventually see the soul clothed in that body. Thanks.

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