Bill Clinton Is Now a Vegan

Vegan Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties with...

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I just heard this that in order to really get his diet and his life under control especially his heart problems he has decided to go vegan.  Vegan means never eating anything that is animal based only plant based foods.  You can lose weight with this and feel very good especially if you avoid the sugar blues.  I am glad for Bill if he can keep it up.  I was vegetarian first and later became vegan for a while but could not really keep it up.  I am back to being vegetarian but if my iron levels go down, I can actually feel it when it  does I will eat some small amount of meat but I don’t cook it I just eat it out.  I now eat two boiled eggs every morning and that seems to keep my iron levels good.  This year is the first year that my iron did not drop so low that I could hear my heart.  That was a pain. 

Getting and keeping the right diet is just as much karma as anything else in life. 


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