My problem is illegal immigration

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I am surrounded by folks who are Hispanic mostly Mexican and I have had trouble adapting but the funny thing is that my first two boyfriends were both Mexican.  I know that’s strange but I never really thought about it before.  When I was a teen I dated a boy last name Hernandez and he had long wavy black hair.  I was not in love with him though.  Then when I went to Fresno for college I dated a Chicano who was a long distance runner.  He looked just like Sylvester Stallone. But then my mother was killed and I had to go back to Chicago.  But after I left he called me and asked me to marry him.  But I said no that I probably was not really in love with him.

He was tall, thin, very handsome and looked Spanish.  I’ve had many Jewish boyfriends at least three.  And if you think that racists date people of other races then you know don’t much.  If I were really anti anything I would not have dated people from every ethnic group and race (except Chinese and Japanese) in my life and gladly so.  I have not met many Chinese or Japanese men in life and I don’t think they are too keen on marrying or dating black women from what I’ve observed. 

But I know I talk tough mostly it is reserved for the illegal crowd who are taking jobs from real Americans.  I am so afraid that the government will try to decriminalize people who come into this country illegally.  If so this would be the first and only country in the world that does not protect it’s people or culture. 


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