Sign of the Times: “This is Crapitalism”

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I just watched video with West and Smiley on poverty tour.  They spoke with Amy Goodman and in one of the videos she showed a poor man holding a sign and on the reverse side it read “This is craptialism” what a sign what a truth.

Tavis and Cornell are real brothers and also best friends.  They are also outsiders and it seems that were outside the pale from the getgo with Obama.  I mean Tavis got bounced around on TV and radio in part because he had his doubts or his outs with Obama.  He was vocal.  West was also vocal in his criticism of Obama due to that question of accessibility.  He did not make himself accessible to blacks but did make himself open for business in the white rich world of banksters and wall street fat cats.

JFK was a rich man’s son but he had a heart for the poor and this came out with the work that his brother RFK undertook when he ran for the presidency: Poverty and the war on poverty.  True the poor will always be with us and so will genocide but does that mean we do nothing about it?  It means that the wheel of karma grinds on but we must not let it grind us down. Bobby did not think so he believed that something could be done.  Then Teddy came along and gave away the country.  We did not have that in mind.

In my article The Age of Opinion I was asked about my cryptic statement of Obama as the first “black” president and why didn’t I elaborate on that statement.  I kinda wish that I had when I had that stream of thought going for that article.  I juxtaposed it with the authentic black versus the plantation politician that was widely used in Chicago along with other terms for blacks who sold out their own when they got a little taste of power.

That’s the definition of authentic black that person does not sell out his people for a little power.  That’s why I am here and not somewhere else because I will not sell my opinion to fit a mold of what I am supposed to say or not say.  I see what the federal government thinks of illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico for instance.   Your tax dollars fed them three squares a day at school.  It also feeds black and white kids.   But it seems to go out of its way to insure that Mexican immigrants get that welfare that we are now paying for. All the forms are written in Spanish and English because we have not declared an official language in this country.  That’s why we have so many different languages printed.

Is that crapitalism? In a way it is.  The children of the poor get fed, we pay, and the rich strike back by taking away from the coffers of taxes, by making the boxes smaller and charging more money, by buying ads on TV and we pay the price at the pump and the grocery store.  Can capitalism sustain itself in the face of a race of brown border runners who breed faster than you can say “free breakfast.”  The other thing are the taxes not paid by big business and their ability to move lock, stock and barrel out of the country.

The poor will always be with us in crapitalism and they will also make the middle class poorer when capital goes to China. 

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