Andrea Mitchell: Where did she get that job?

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 It’s worse than I thought.  Mitchell does not have biracial kids but she was married to a black man at one time.  So Alan Greenspan must be her third marriage.  She has struck gold and now she is all over MSNBC and of course Morning Jew.  Women like her like Giffords remake themselves with bottles of bleach and fancy husbands to fit in with their rich, right, WASP surroundings.  It does not work for me.  Barbara Walters sucked up the oxygen on TV for decades and finally I had enough and wrote something and in the next few months she retired.  I try to watch the news but everytime her face, Mitchell’s, pops up I have to turn it off, delete it or fast forward it.  She never knows what the hell she is talking about and because Jewish people have a particular speech impediment because of  the Hebrew language and Yiddish can’t quite speak perfect English just like some blacks who have the Gullah influence in their genes will never speak perfect English without a lot of coaching.  The number of nepotism employees on TV is over the top.  There are way too many who may be journalists but they don’t have to be in your face 24/7 like this woman married to a rich former Jewish fed who ruined the system, made billions and now finally retired.  When will America wake up to this giveaway of our culture and monetary system?  I mean a Jewish woman represents less than 1% of all women in this country.  But make up at least 15% of all the big jobs and anchors on TV and the news.  Kate Snow is another one I can’t watch along with this other one who is so ugly I have to fast forward her.  I forget her name but she too is a reporter but not an anchor. Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 8:23:23 PM by wjersey

We gather Dan Rottenberg did not like Andrea Mitchell‘s new memoir, Talking Back.

In a 1,773-word evisceration in the Broad Street Review Rottenberg accuses the former Philadelphia broadcast reporter of writing in “annoying journalese,” of ignoring her previous marriage and step-children, of glossing over her transformation from plain-Jane brunette to “blonde glamourpuss.” Of basically filtering her memories through a Vaseline-softened lens because she is now married to Washington’s ultimate power icon.

Rottenberg, a former Philadelphia Magazine and Philadelphia Weekly editor, writes in his piece headlined, “The Unexamined Life: Andrea Mitchell rewrites her past:”

To be sure, many of us have old marriages and old personas we’d just as soon forget. But why write a memoir if you won’t confront the past? I suspect that Andrea Mitchell’s life may indeed contain the stuff of drama, and maybe even a movie. But she is not the one to write it. When you’ve spent your life hop-scotching the globe for headline stories in the glare of TV lights, it’s difficult to imagine that the biggest story of all might lurk somewhere inside of you, if only you were inclined to dig for it.

He writes that Mitchell, who is married to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, seems “determined to bury” two aspects of her life from Philadelphia, where the Penn grad broke into television with KYW in the late 1960s.

Rottenberg writes:

About her first marriage: In the early ’70s, when I knew her as a fellow parent at Greenfield Elementary School in Center City, Mitchell was married to Gil Jackson, a black man who worked in the public affairs department at Smith, Kline & French (now GlaxoSmithKline) while struggling to launch a career as an independent film producer. An interracial marriage to a man suffering from a very malignant case of multiple sclerosis cannot have been easy for a young Jewish woman barely out of college, yet Mitchell (as far as I could tell) loyally stood by her man while also caring for his two sons from a previous marriage — so conscientiously that I presumed the boys were her own. The marriage broke up shortly before Mitchell left Philadelphia for Washington in 1976, and Jackson subsequently died.


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