Irene Is Coming to a City Near You

Hurricane Katrina

Image by earthhopper via Flickr

Hurricaine Irene is a bitch.  And she has her eye on the entire east coast.  The real beast from the east.  We need the rain and the cooler temps maybe we will get some water from Irene but that may not be the case.  The refining centers on the east coast are also in the line of water.  So prepare for gas to go up in the next few days. 

East coast cities cannot afford this because they are hurting in the pocketbook.  But like all bad weather even though Obama did not cause it it could really put the kabash on his re election chances.  I’ve seen it before.  Katrina happened in Bush’s second term so he was set to do nothing any damn way.  He was just elected and he could not give a fuck about NOLA.  But if NOLA had happened in his first term he might not have been re elected. 


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