“Over the top” I think I started that

June 2007 I wrote:  The brain surgery was over the top because it was not grounded enough in reality. If you listen to stand up comedians, the funniest are always the ones with the simplest re-tellings of ordinary events that go awry.

I wrote that back in 2007 and I was hoping it made it into the dictionary.  Even if that is not the first instance of that phrase because it turns out that there was a movie or something with that title back in the 1970s. I will say that I can take credit for adding to the common lexicon these days.

By the way,  every once in a while I re read some of my old political articles and not only was I predicting well before the election in “Going into home stretch” that Obama would win election in 2008 but I also made an over the top prediction that he would win reelection by a landslide.  Now, unless something really earth shaking happened, I mean he already got Bin Laden, I don’t see that happening now.  In fact I might have said he would lose by a landslide.  Maybe that’s what I saw instead.

Well, if you have nothing better to do you might want to read my political articles over at blogcritics.org because they started a shift in media and political lingo even I didn’t see coming LOL. 

Read more: http://blogcritics.org/video/article/tv-review-on-the-lot-a/#ixzz1WI2s4wQ0


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